Thursday, August 4, 2011

Blah, it's like whatever.

so i felt the need to update my terrible, and probably still is, blog. i dunno... i haven't felt much love for it.. and my thoughts for this blog are just as disorganized as the way it's decorated.

moving on

so i moved about 50 miles from where i used to live. i live with my aunt and uncle. i am helping them out with my cousin's son. whom she left behind on her untimely, horrible, death. his name is levyn. he is adorable. i do love him. brighton loves living here as well. she has a cute princess pink room, with all sorts of great additions, along with a new ( kiind of sort of) big brother. who she also loves.

i really like living here due to the amount of space i have. i don't feel any pressure and the ground is neutral! the only thing i would like a little bit of change would be the ac. they have it going all day long. so at night i am frozen meat. i thaw out by about afternoon and then by late evening i am back to being frozen. it's whatever i guess, but wearing a hat every night to bed does get annoying, mainly because it keeps coming off. ha. but with that said.....

i am excited for fall fashion. more than i ever have been. AH. i can't describe the love i have for fashion because i just might go into cardiac arrest. although that is a complete exaggeration, i am sure it has happened. it will be the cooler season, but hey.. i am willing to sacrifice the sun for the greatest fashion season on earth. i've never really been into the whole wearing no clothing. i mean i do like wearing no clothing, but i would rather be draped in style.

til we talk again, which i am sure we will.. i bid you the greatest achievements and all the love int he world. my fingers are like frozen fish sticks now. it is getting hard to type.. AH. goodnight. I bid you adu.


  1. Fall is by far my favorite, also! But I don't really know how to dress though. Will you teach me?

  2. Yes of course I will teach you. But first, we must meet! ;)